Wood Fireplaces: Radiant vs Convective

Wood Fireplaces: Radiant vs Convection

Sunday 18/10/2020

Wood Fireplaces: Radiant vs Convection; Woodpecker are experts in the design and installation of all home heating & cooling, let us assist!

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The Perfect Fireplace For You

Monday 12/10/2020

With so many options, brands and variations it can be confusing and overwhelming finding The Perfect Fireplace For You, let us help!

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Our 5 Most Popular Gas Heaters: Here's Why

Our 5 Most Popular Gas Heaters: Here’s Why

Monday 07/09/2020

Gas Fireplaces provide instant maximum heat to make your home warm straight away, check out our 5 most popular Gas Heaters!

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Wood Heater

Top tips to save money with your wood heater

Wednesday 15/04/2020

Find out how to save money with your wood heater. Here are the top tips!

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Best Wood Fireplaces For Small Spaces

Best Wood Fireplaces For Small Spaces

Thursday 19/12/2019

Don’t let a lack of space compromise your home heating, or your personal style! These top picks for the “Best Wood Fireplaces For Small Spaces” are great for design and for budget!

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Introducing Bioethanol Fireplaces

Tuesday 27/08/2019

A real flame fireplace with no flue? How is that possible? Keep reading and we can tell you how. P.S. It’s even harmless to you and the environment!

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Revolutionary new zero clearance Heat and Glo Supreme I30 fireplace!

We are pleased to announce that our extremely popular Heat & Glo Supreme/Cosmo I30 can now be inserted into a timber stud cavity application!!!

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Preventative maintenance

Whole home comfort is what any family tries to achieve, a good general service to tweak your heating system will ensure your family enjoy comfort indoors this winter – and each one thereafter. Firing up your heating system before or after a season is just like servicing your car. A years workout, or even a system lying dormant over the months it’s not needed, requires a good spring clean, this prevents unforeseen problems and the stressful impact of living without your heating system due to a major fault and the costly bill associated with lack of maintenance.

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It’s been a while since we’ve been this excited about something!

We are pleased to introduce to our Woodpecker customers, Sculpt Fireplace Collection’s most sought after high-end European fireplace designs. With suspended fireplaces, pure cast iron wood boxes that can be freestanding, and panoramic wood heaters

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Designer Excellence Is Here

The Heat & Glo “Mezzo” is a thing of pure beauty.
Turn on this gas log fire and watch the flame dance over a bed of darkened crystals, accentuating the flame and contrasting it to the firebox – This gas log fire will surely be a talking point to anyone who comes to your home.

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How to Choose Between a Wood, Gas, Pellet or Electric Fireplace

There is nothing quite as nostalgic and romantic as a fireplace addition to your home.
When you are ready to add a fireplace to your home, there are a couple of decisions you’ll need to consider to make sure you make the right choice for your home and for your needs.
Here are 4 essential tips on choosing a fireplace.

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Making sure your wood heater is installed correctly

Friday 23/08/2019

Wood heaters (especially in Victoria), have become an increasingly popular heating source.
With the boom of slow combustion wood heaters, so to has there been an increase in illegal and poorly executed wood heater installations.

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