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Ambe Electric Fireplace – Customer Experience

Get the warmth and ambience of a real fire, in any space. Installation is easy, there’s no maintenance, and it’s safe to touch!

Ambe Electric Fireplace – Customer Experience

After a few years in our new home, we found ourselves longing for a fireplace to relax in front of for the upcoming Winter. Modern houses have climate control all under control, so this desire was ultimately a psychological thing. Our home never gets under 24 degrees in Winter and in summer, it never gets over 20 degrees. Ambe Electric Fireplace – Customer Experience
This desire to see a fire, or flame, was growing in us. Whenever we went to our friends’ home with a fireplace, we would find ourselves soaking up the ambiance and getting lost in conversation in a very relaxing environment. It was after one of these visits, we decided to go shopping for our artificial flame. We knew about Gas log fireplaces, so it was off to one of the larger dealerships in our area. When we walked into the Woodpecker store we were taken back by the huge array of heating options available.
The sales assistant was happy to help, after telling him that we were after a Gas log fireplace, he showed us the options. His questions were poignant, asking us whether the heater would be our primary source of heat, or not. After discussing this, we were shown several gas heaters that could be installed into a wall and have a fire with the flame we were craving. The options they had on display were quite broad with different styles, designs, shapes and heat outputs; there were several fires that we liked. After discussing our needs, the sales assistant suggested an Electric Fireplace. This wasn’t a direction we had thought about as we were really after the flame. He showed us several electric fires, that in comparison to the gas log fires, looked fake. However, the Ambe fires had a bay window model that had many settings and options that let us set the fire to our mood.
We decided to purchase the Ambe 49, then we had our cabinetmaker build a cabinet for it. This meant that the heater is now modular, which gives us the ability to shift its location, if or when we change our rooms layout. This made the electric option very appealing to us. We were able to buy the heater and have the cabinet built for less than the purchase price of the gas options. now we have the ambiance we desired and the flexibility that only the electric option had.
Ambe Electric Fireplace - Customer Experience - Woodpecker Heating Cooling Fireplaces and BBQs