Top tips to save money with your wood heater

Find out how to save money with your wood heater. Here are the top tips!

Top tips to save money with your wood heater

Winter is coming and you know what that means, time to dust off the wood heater and get your wood stacks ready! Before you use your fireplace remember to get it serviced, this will ensure it is running at peak efficiency and that there’s nothing hiding in your flue!

There are a few things you can do to save yourself some time and money this winter when operating your wood fireplace, however don’t forget to think about your safety! Brush up on your fireplace safety procedures, beginning with things not to burn!

1. What Not to Put in Your Wood Heater

  • Plastics
  • Glossy magazines or newsprint
  • Painted or treated wood
  • Foil or metallic-coated gift wrap
  • Particle board
  • Household garbage (diapers, plastic bags, etc.)
  • Plywood
  • Rags or fabrics made of synthetic materials

These items contribute to air pollution and release toxic chemicals when in contact with fire, so keep your family and your planet safe this winter!

2. Use Your Dampers

Air intake dampers are there to help control the air flow inside your wood fireplace, by closing the dampers half way it reduced the air intake by 50% ultimately slowing the wood burn and saving you money!

3. Splitting Wood

Splitting your wood into smaller, more manageable sizes allows your fireplace to burn cleaner and more efficiently, this means you won’t have to call for an emergency fireplace service in the middle of winter! By splitting your wood, it also allows you to stay accountable for the amount of wood you use in your fireplace, reducing your burn times and amount means saving money and time!

4. Let It Burn Out

Letting your fire burn overnight is very healthy for your fireplace as it not only reduces the amount of wood you are burning, but also the amount of wood smoke pollution; saving the planet and your money at the same time! Remember to shut off your air dampers at the end of the night, cutting of the air intake to the fireplace, this is a simple way to let your fire burn out!

5. Don’t Overfill Your Wood Heater

Overloading a wood fireplace restricts the amount of air inside the firebox, this means that there is less space to make an actual fire. By overfilling you are smothering the fire and it will create an ineffective burn, waste time and money! To make sure your fireplace is burning clean, stack the wood with a moderate amount of kindling and some paper, this will allow the flame to gradually become bigger, then use your logs to create your perfect flame!

6. Store Wood Outside

When stacking your wood ensure it is outside with cover on top and with no restrictions to the sides of the stack, this allows the wood to aerate and remain dry in the centre; this is the perfect wood for an efficient and clean burn!


Wood fireplaces create an amazing homely ambiance and provides fantastic real wood heat, to make sure your fireplace is running clean and at peak efficiency, use simple tips and tricks; it will save you time and money this winter!

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