Check if you are eligible for a $1000 rebate towards a new energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioner

*eligibility criteria apply


When it’s hot, it’s uncomfortable and most Victorian’s know that Melbourne’s weather is always temperamental. With a common theme of four seasons in one day, it’s always better to be over prepared, than under prepared this summer. After all, you never know when those lurking 40 degree heat wave weeks are going to start, let alone end!

With our diverse range of air conditioning systems, we can tailor the right solutions to suit you and your families needs. We will ensure that what you choose will not only harmonise, but also be practical, functional and cost effective for your lifestyle. The even better news is that we also offer a hassle free, guaranteed installation service.

So stop being uncomfortable in your own home and start enjoying summer, with the right air conditioner that suits your home.