Best Wood To Burn In Your Wood Heater

Tuesday 27/08/2019

All wood types are the same and produce the same type of burn, right? Unfortunately not!

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Know Your Heater, Know Your Safety

Do you know how safe your heater really is? Energy Safe Victoria has recently released a safety alert of potentially carbon monoxide poisoning from Vulcan Heritage Space Heater and Pyrox Heritage Space Heaters.

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Getting The Most Out of Your Woodheater

Mankind has been using fire for warmth for centuries, here’s how to get the most out of Australia’s most popular heating source.

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Designer Excellence Is Here

The Heat & Glo “Mezzo” is a thing of pure beauty.
Turn on this gas log fire and watch the flame dance over a bed of darkened crystals, accentuating the flame and contrasting it to the firebox – This gas log fire will surely be a talking point to anyone who comes to your home.

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Five Advantages of Ducted Heating

In Victoria, one of the most common forms of heating the whole home is through gas ducted heating.
Affordable, efficient and effective, gas ducted heating means you don’t have to walk out of a warmroom into a cold one.

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