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When To Service Your Woodheater

Ever wondered when is the best time to service your wood heater? Do not leave it to last minute when the first cold rush hits!

When To Service Your Wood Heater?

Melbourne weather is notoriously unpredictable, whether it’s snow in the middle of Summer or a beach day in mid-July; there’s no telling what the next few months have in store for us! Having your Wood Heater serviced December or January allows you to stay ahead of the rest, don’t leave your service to the last minute in Autumn!

Your Wood Fireplace should be serviced once every 12- 18 months, this will allow the unit to remain in a great condition and constantly push out that lovely real fire to warm up your home! If you can’t remember when your unit was last serviced, this is usually a great indicator to get a professional to inspect and service your unit.

All Woodpecker Service Technicians and Installers are very qualified and have been working in the plumbing industry for a combined total of over 75 years! Woodpecker is a small but powerful team of passionate plumbers, ensuring everything is done correctly and safely.

What does a professional Service Technician do? During a service, a Service Technician will ensure your unit is drawing correctly through the flue and cowl system, this is achieved by ensuring all flue connections are secure and clean. They will inspect all internal components for breakages as well as thoroughly clean the inside, ensuring the unit is in top condition and making your Wood Fireplace look like brand new! Our Service Technicians do carry standard repair items for Wood Fireplaces, such as replacement door ropes and sealants, however we are a One-Stop-Shop and can assist with all your fireplace servicing and repair needs by ordering any required parts from our reputable suppliers!

If your unit isn’t performing efficiently, be sure to check that you are burning hardwood only, as Australian Wood Fireplaces are tested to burn hardwood, burning softwood can result in burning out the flue system or cracking the firebox! Ensure that your hardwood has a moisture content of between 10% – 15%; make sure it’s never over 20%, this can increase build up in your flue, restricting the oxygen airway for the unit; ultimately resulting in a small and short fire.

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