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As the cold winter months keep creeping in, it is time to warm your home with Braemar! Operated by Seeley International, Braemar are 100% Australian designed, made and owned. According to founder and executive chairman Frank Seeley, “Seeley International never stops striving to innovate and build the world’s most energy efficient heaters and air conditioners”. This is why they have received the highest efficiency rating exceeding a 6 star rating based on Australian standards. Using the Australian standard system, the Australian Gas Association (AGA) report calculates that Braemar has a 7 star equivalent ducted gas heater.

When choosing the best system for your home you want to make sure that not only will it keep you and your family warm but will also keep them comfortable and safe. With gas ducted heating by Braemar they make sure to produce comfortable air that won’t dry skin or irritate your eyes.  An Australian company that understands our conditions and what we want to keep our family warm, so make sure you warm your home with Braemar this season.

Braemar Gas Ducted Heating Woodpecker Heating Cooling Fireplace BBQs


Braemar gas ducted heaters offer many advantages over reverse cycle. These include:

• Ducted gas heating offers an instant, cosy heat with less drying of the air. Reverse cycle air conditioning tends to produce dry air that can irritate the eyes, nose and skin.

• Running cost savings. With an estimated saving of $472 per year when compared to reverse cycle systems.

• Warms your whole home quickly by producing much warmer air temperatures from your outlets than reverse cycle.

• Most ducted gas heaters are quieter as they are mounted in the roof space, out of sight and without troublesome noise for you or your neighbours.

• Ducted gas heating operates independently of how cold it gets outside and therefore provides constant, cosy performance at all times.

• Whole of home heating with flexible zoning options.

Braemar delivers uncompromised quality with an 80 year history of Braemar excellence!

Braemar Gas Ducted Heating Woodpecker Heating Cooling Fireplace BBQs


Need a little guidance on choosing the best unit for your home? Don’t forget you can always get in touch with us here at Woodpecker Mornington and Oakleigh East who will be be more than happy to assist you in making an informed decision. 

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