Escea has been working on a project and now they are ready to share their project with the world; the Escea Fire for Life Project.

Escea Mission: ‘To put a better fireplace into the heart of every home’

For the past several years, Escea been working on a project that has become very close to their hearts, and now they are ready to share their project with the world; the Escea Fire for Life project. About 8 years ago, Nigel Bamford (Escea Fireplace Company Founder) came across an issue that struck a chord with him – he found that those in parts of the world who only had open fires to cook on, were struggling in so many ways. From health issues caused by smoke inhalation, to the cost and amount of fuel required to run the fire – a huge issue for families who had so little money. Their existing cooking methods were also inefficient, hard to move and were often dangerous in difficult conditions.

So being the problem-solving type, Nigel Bamford figured there was a better way for these families to cook, and he knew he had the team and the ingenuity to help. Subsequently, the Fire for Life Project was born and became a company-wide project that Escea Design Interns and keen team members would work on.  They vastly improved the existing cooking methods these families were using and created the Fire for Life Cooking Stove, as seen below.

In 2020, Nigel was watching the news when he saw Mike Seawright, founder of humanitarian organisation ReliefAid, discussing the troubles in Syria, and in particularly the issues facing families in Syrian displacement camps. Nigel knew the Fire for Life stove could be useful to them, so reached out to Mike and the ReliefAid team to see how they could get the stove to these hard-to-reach communities.

 Escea has now completed their first delivery of 400 cooking stoves, flat-packed to Syria from their factory in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Here at Woodpecker Heating and Cooling we are proud to to supply our customers with amazing Escea products from New Zealand. Escea has been craft-fully curating stunning fireplaces for over 18 years. They have the perfect balance of form and function, and their gas fireplaces are made for modern homes and busy lives. We are excited to continue to support this incredible brand and their journey with Fire for Life.

“We are continuing our partnership with ReliefAid as we know we have a solution for one of the many issues these families face. And we can help so many more, so we’re going to.”- Nigel Bamford. 

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