Getting The Most Out of Your Woodheater

Mankind has been using fire for warmth for centuries, here's how to get the most out of Australia's most popular heating source.

Caring for your woodheater is essential to ensure the heaters longevity and efficency. The cleaner your fire burns the more effective it becomes.

Woodheaters are one of the best forms of heating on the market today – A carbon neutral product that can help reduce your gas and electricity bills which is especially poignant for those looking to effectively “live off the grid”.

With these top tips, you can enjoy your woodheater knowing that you are caring for the environment as well as looking after your own hip pocket.

#1 – Burn only dry, well seasoned hard wood

Green or wet wood can create a lot of smoke which can have a negative effect on the environment, create smoke haze and can also contribute to a build up of creosote or soot in your flue. This can be dangerous as it can cause a flue fire.

#2 – Have your wood heater serviced at least once a year

We recommend you clean your flue or have it serviced by one of our professional service technicians at least once a year. Our service technicians will clean your woodheater flue to ensure there is no creosote build up and will check all firebricks, baffles and seals to make sure your heater is working efficiently.

#3 – Burn a bright fire with flame

By burning a robust fire in your wood heater you ensure there is a reduced risk of pollution and smoke which in turn means less creosote build up in your flue.

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