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Our 5 Most Popular Gas Heaters: Here’s Why

Gas Fireplaces provide instant maximum heat to make your home warm straight away, check out our 5 most popular Gas Heaters!

Our 5 Most Popular Gas Heaters: Here’s Why

Our 5 Most Popular Gas Heaters: Here’s Why

Feel right at home with a gas fireplace during lockdown! Forget having to worry about buying, stacking and burning firewood during the temperamental Melbourne weather in the months ahead.

Why do I need a gas fireplace? Gas Fireplaces provide instant maximum heat to make your home warm straight away! There is minimal upkeep and cleaning required to operate a gas fireplace compared to a wood fireplace, making use of a gas fireplace is much more convenient and safer to use, as a gas flame can be instantly turned off.


Here are our Top 5 Most Popular Gas Fireplace picks.


Escea DF700

The Escea DF700 is by far the most popular gas fireplace coming into the 2020 winter season. The Escea DF700 is a gas fireplace that is all about the flame, the fit, the flexibility and extreme functionality and it is a fantastic redefined retrofit gas fire, perfect for new installations or to be fit into a pre-existing chimney. The DF700 has clean detailing and generous glass display which grants maximum flame with minimum frame. As the fireplace has the largest viewable glass in its category, the DF700 makes a strong statement with up to 2x more viewable glass area than similar sized competitor products!

The DF700 only needs a bare minimum of cavity space, making it the perfect replacement for an old radiant space heater or an open-fronted fireplace that is built into a chimney cavity. This fireplace is easily retrofitted into a masonry cavity or a false chimney, and it’s refined styling even blends into the more traditional-looking homes.


Escea DF700

Regency FG39

Not all gas fireplace must be installed into an inbuilt scenario, there are some fantastic freestanding gas fireplaces, like the Regency FG39 which provides instant heat and a variety of different fan and flame settings controllable directly on the unit, or with Regency’s updated FireGenie remote control, to create the perfect atmosphere in any living setting.

This contemporary design is customisable with brushed nickel, gold and black options. With it’s beautiful fire surrounded with glowing logs, the Regency FG39 has platinum infused glowing embers to enhance the fire, heat radiating ceramic glass that provides maximum warmth, wrap around ceramic glass window which maximises the fire view from all angles, black steel pedestal and side panels, controllable heat with up to 50% flame turn down and quiet variable speed blower to disperse the heat, there’s no better place to be than by your fire during lockdown!


Heat & Glo i30x

The Heat & Glo i30X is the new model which features all the technology that Heat & Glo is known for, plus, a larger viewing area, higher volume super-quiet fan, less frame, larger high definition logs and flush hearth technology and there is now a choice of interior options including two brick refractory designs, black glass or standard black, all of which can be dramatically enhanced with accent lighting feature. features the state of the art “IntelliFire” ignition system and realistic ceramic logs, providing you the radiance and glow of a real fire at the press of a button. All of these features prove that this new design fireplace excels in all fields, making it one of the best gas fireplaces on the market today!


I30X AU Indoor Gas Fireplace Insert | Heat & Glo

Regency Horizon (HZ042)

Not all gas fireplaces must be installed inside a home! The Regency Horizon (HZO42) unit provides instant warmth and an undeniable ambiance to create a nice cozy outdoor climate. Created with contemporary class, quality workmanship, seamless design and durable materials, the Regency Horizon (HZO42) provides an exceptional feature for any outdoor entertaining area!

The Regency Horizon (HZO42) outdoor gas fireplace features a 30” stainless steel burner covered with copper crystals, electronic ignition for cost savings and optimal operating efficiencies. It’s durable outdoor construction with a stainless steel faceplate & firebox, is sure to create a focal point in any outdoor area; making it the perfect fireplace to spend your evenings in front of!


Escea DS1400

Frameless design, multiple naturally inspired media options and 5 star energy rating; what could bee better! The Escea DS1400 unit has taken away everything you don’t need for a minimalist look that focuses on the flame. This fire is truly frameless – where the wall ends the glass begins.

With a large glass viewing area, minimal depth and 5 star efficiency, the Escea DS1400 single sided gas fireplace strikes the perfect balance between form and function. With not only single, but also a double sided option, this fireplace offers a truely personal ambiance in any living setting!

A low height and Flexible Flue and Powered Vent technology gives you the freedom to put the fireplace anywhere. Flue up, down, or even sideways. No walls required and no compromise on your design.



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