The Perfect Fireplace For You

With so many options, brands and variations it can be confusing and overwhelming finding The Perfect Fireplace For You, let us help!

The Perfect Fireplace For You

So, you want The Perfect Fireplace For You but aren’t sure what to look for with so many options, brands and variations it can be confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. Let us give an overview of what is available.


Electric Fireplaces

First questions you should ask yourself is if you’re are after source of heat, or something more decorative to add ambience.

Most do both, but if you are looking for an easy addition to lift the aesthetic and homeliness, an electric fire can be a great choice for you. Giving that orange glow without the fuss of having to worry about flue pipes or non-combustible cladding, they’re something that can be easily fitted, many come ready to plug and play out of the box, and others required some simple cabinetry to house them.

Check out the Ambe range for the newest designs and features or the Glen Dimplex range for something more traditional.


The Perfect Fireplace For You

Ethanol Fireplaces

If you are looking for something just as easy but with a more natural look, ethanol fireplaces should be on your list. As they use ethanol fuel with a real flame, they give a much more natural, yet modern look. With real dancing flames and more heat output compared to the electric fireplaces.

Giving you the option of having a fully complete burner and firebox ready to fit into a wall or using your creativity to place a burner into a fireplace of your own design there is a way to customise the look to give your home a convenient and stunning feature.

For some easy installed freestanding options take a look at the Cocoon fireplaces, a more customisable solution look over the Icon fires.

The Perfect Fireplace For You

Gas Fireplaces

If you are after some serious heat, then gas or wood fireplaces are your friends. With gas heaters being either freestanding needing just a flue pipe and gas/electrical lines or inbuilt into a custom wall there are many sizes and designs available all with varying heat outputs there is surely one to suit you.

A gas fireplace could be The Perfect Fireplace For You! More traditional looking square units giving a strong orange glow and campfire look or the more contemporary landscape design with natural stone look burner and frameless finish accentuating the flow between the flame and feature wall. Most now coming with balanced flue technology for maximum efficiency and controlled with the press of a button these are your set and forget option.

Check out the design options of the Heat & Glo, Escea, and Regency brands giving plenty of options to maximise your living space.

The Perfect Fireplace For You

Wood Fireplaces

Lastly, we have wood fireplaces giving the largest amount of heat compared to all the others and being a staple in many homes there is nothing quite like the comfort, and warmth of a natural wood fireplace. Because of the simple concept fact that the fuel source literally grows on trees, heating with wood will be around for many years to come.

Having the most options available from small freestanding radiant heaters, large landscape units fitting into a wall, accompanying ovens and water heaters or even sleek modern works of art hanging from the ceiling. There are more options available with wood compared to all others combined, an architecturally designed homes now often comes with a different fireplace in each living space allowing versatility and choice dependent on the mood of the day.

For a small, homely heater check out the Nectre and Jotul ranges, and for something a modern architectural feature look at the Sculpt Fireplace Collection range.

The Perfect Fireplace For You

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