Sculpt Double Sided Fireplaces: Two Is Always Better Than One

Two is always better than one, the same is true for Sculpt Fireplace Collection’s Double-Sided fireplaces! Available At Woodpecker today!

Sculpt Fireplace Collection Double Sided Fireplaces: Two Is Always Better Than One


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Two is always better than one, the same is true for Sculpt Fireplace Collection’s Double-Sided Fireplaces! Double sided fireplaces are a favourite with designers for a very good reason, with so much more viewing space allowing dual areas to be heated and dazzled with dancing wood burning flames. It is also a great way to divide a large area into two and again enjoy the fireplace from both rooms.

Each of these uniquely hand-crafted double sided fireplaces are engineered using the latest technology, built with high quality materials and workmanship thus creating a product that provides an unforgettable blaze. The exceptional heating capacities produced by these products are expertly designed and tested specifically in compliance with all Australian regulations and requirements. These double-sided fireplaces can be installed into new and existing homes, allowing each project to be uniquely designed and styled.

Ranging in different sizes, features and finishes each Sculpt Double-Sided Fireplace helps to create a unique difference. They are all collaboratively handcrafted in two different styles from two different French townships by creative and passionate artisans, providing contemporary class and elegance to any home.


Seguin Multivision 8000

The smallest double-sided fireplace in the Sculpt Fireplace Collection range is the stunning Seguin Multivision 8000. With a 690mm wide and 665mm high viewing space on both sides this natural wood heater is the only cast iron double-sided fireplace in the Seguin cast iron range! Crafted using only 100% pure cast iron, and boasting some of the thickest cast iron on the market, this fireplace is extremely hardy, durable and backed up with a 10-year firebox warranty. Hand crafted in Randan, France, this wood burner provides exceptional heating for such a small firebox, with up to 25.9kW* heat output and 150-200m2 heating capacity*, all whilst creating an unforgettable ambience. Giving you the option of having a lift door on one side to be able to enjoy as an open fire or a radiant heater when the lift door is closed.

Seguin Multivision 8000 Double Sided - Woodpecker Heating, Cooling, Fireplaces & BBQ's

Axis i1000 Double Sided

The next double-sided fireplace in our range, the Axis i1000 (either in-built or freestanding), has an amazing heat output of up to18.7kW* and reaching up to 280* room heating capacity. The entirety of the Axis range is hand-crafted by French artisans in the Rhône-Alpes region of France in the mountainous township of Belley, where exceptional heating is required for extremely cold winters. Economically tested at 1.0g/kg in average emissions and a 62% average heating efficiency, due to the glass air wash system , DAFS system, additional airflow controls and the dual damper system. With a seamless and contemporarily minimal design, including swing doors, this double-sided fireplace is the perfect addition to any home, creating a warm and homely environment and a flawless feature. Available as a freestanding or with a zero-clearance kit for inbuilt installation.

Axis i1000 Double Sided Freestanding - - Woodpecker Heating, Cooling, Fireplaces & BBQ's

Axis H1200 Double Sided

The next larger size in Sculpt’s Double-Sided Fireplace collection is the Axis H1200DS. This fireplace has an amazing heating capacity of up to 200m2* and a heat output of up to 20kW*, it practices the natural and inventive DAFS heating system to distribute heat around the home. The Axis H1200DS fireplace uses modern counterweight technology to provide a lifting door, allowing for easy loading of fuel and reduce airflow. Built with 60mm thick kiln fired bricks designed to retain heat for 10 hours.

Axis H1200 Double Sided Built In Fireplace - - Woodpecker Heating, Cooling, Fireplaces & BBQ's

Axis H1600 Double Sided

The second largest Double Sided Fireplace in this collection is the Axis H1600DS, with a 1300mm viewing area this fireplace provides luxurious ambience and comfort. This fireplace is handcrafted to perfection with solid hand pressed steel and 60mm kiln fired bricks, which are all included on the 10-year warranty policy. Heating up to 250m2* with a 25kW* heat output this fireplace provides radiant and convection heat and a stunning grand feature. With a rather similar design to the Axis H1200DS, this fireplace too has both lift and swing door capacities for maintenance purposes, the perfect fireplace to open up and roast marshmallows on a cold winter’s night!

Axis H1600 Double Sided Wood Fireplace - Woodpecker Heating, Cooling, Fireplaces & BBQ's

Axis H1600 XXL Double Sided

Our grandest and largest Double-Sided Fireplace, the Axis 1600XXL DS, is the largest double-sided fireplace in Australia and the southern hemisphere reaching an amazing 1.7-meter viewing space on both sides; this beautifully designed double-sided fireplace can be used as a central heating appliance and transfer the heat to other rooms in the house and make the most out of the generous heat output.

With such a large space, this luxury fireplace has phenomenal heat retention due to its high quality 60mm hand-assembled kiln fired bricks interlocking firebricks, allowing the fireplace to heat both rooms very quickly without any fan assistance. With up to 30kW* heat output, this stunning feature can heat up to 300m2*!

Axis H1600XXL Double Sided Fireplace - Woodpecker Heating, Cooling, Fireplaces & BBQ's

These outstanding double-sided wood heaters are the perfect addition to any home as they heat and provide for two stunning room features. Double the view, double the glamour with grand double sided fireplaces such as these.

** Heating capacities and heating outputs are tested against Australian heating regulations and requirements, these figures are tested to run most efficiently in 6 star rated homes**


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