Sculpt Fireplaces DAFS: Combustion Optimisation

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Sculpt Fireplaces DAFS: Combustion Optimisation - Woodpecker Heating, Cooling, Fireplaces & BBQ's Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula - Sculpt Fireplace Collection Australia and New Zealand

The wood combustion process and all it’s stages; complete, incomplete, smouldering, rapid, spontaneous, turbulent, micro-gravity and micro-combustion can be calculated which means we have highly educated professionals who’s main objective it is to discover how to maximise your wood heater and minimise pollution. They know how to create the largest energy production with the least amount of energy lost, how to minimise fuel use and by-product emissions and thus optimise the process of combustion. So without getting any further into the science of flames, and using impressive sounding words like stoichiometric, chemical equilibrium and catalytic converter – which would guarantee you, dear reader, a deep sleep, lets tell you how Sculpt’s products achieve patented optimised combustion.

Most Axis and Seguin models are equipped with DAFS technology – a patented method of combustion management that controls reaction mechanisms, air flow, temperature and instabilities in both the primary and secondary phases of combustion. In long form DAFS stands for Double Air Flow System, it’s an optimised burn system that improves performance right from the initial ignition stage.

All this ensures Sculpt’s products have more effective burn systems, maximise airflow and heat production, utilise optimal oxygen and fuel ratios, have superior heat output, are eco-friendly, and result in cleaner units, glass and flue systems, and have a longer burn times than open fireplaces. Sculpt Fireplace Collection’s Seguin range and it’s exclusive patented DAFS technology ensures your purchase not only looks fantastic but works fantastically, looking great for longer and warming your home more effectively and reducing pollutants in your home and the environment.


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