Split Systems are great for both summer, winter, in between seasons so they are used all year around.
It is important to get your split system check every now and then to make sure you are getting the most out of your split system as well as saving on your energy bills!
We all know that your split system always decides not to perform at its best during a 40 degree in Melbourne, so get in front and get yours checked and ready for summer.

What is included in a Split system service?

  • Check temperature differential and ensure it meets manufacture’s specs.
  • Check Electrical contacts and tighten as required.
  • Clean and flush A/C drains and ensure flow.
  • Remove and clean filters on head unit
  • Run/check on heat and cool with customer.
  • Wash down outside condenser inside and out removing debris such as dirt & bugs.
  • Gas and repairs at additional costs and possible further booking.

*Please note that servicing of any products does not include repair work. Repairs are billed separately or may have to be referred back to the manufacturer.