When winter is fast approaching we would like to remind you that Woodpecker has a service department offering maintenance and repairs to your gas fireplace.

It is recommended that heaters be serviced annually to ensure that your unit is working safely, efficiently and in line with manufacturer’s specifications and warrantys.

All of Woodpecker’s installation and service technicians are fully qualified, reliable and trustworthy. We use top grade equipment and strictly adhere to Australian occupational health and safety standards. You can be assured that we will provide you with a thorough, professional service.

What is included in a Woodpecker Gas Log Service?

  • Clean and inspect cowl and flue for damage
  • Utilising approved Gas Meter check carbon monoxide levels
  • Utilising Manometer measure and check gas measure into valve (to manufacturers specifications)
  • Utilising Mill Voltmeter measure and check electric current into valve (to manufacturers specifications)
  • Clean and inspect glass door for thermal wear/damage
  • Remove, clean and inspect ceramic logs for carbon build up, wear/damage
  • Remove and inspect platinum embers for carbon build up, wear/damage
  • Clean and inspect gas pilot head and assembly for carbon buildup wear/damage
  • Re-position existing ceramic logs
  • Re-position platinum embers
  • Disconnect power supply, clean and inspect base of firebox
  • Clean and inspect electric switch, relay and remote control connection for wear/damage
  • Replace battery in remote control
  • If required touch up firebox and firebox surround, trim and louvers with temperature rated fast drying spray coat.
  • Reconnect power supply

*Please note that servicing of any products does not include repair work. Repairs are billed separately or may have to be referred back to the manufacturer.