Sculpt Fireplace Collection X The Local Project – Park View House

A stunning install of a Sculpt Fireplace Collection Axis i1000 Freestanding!

The Local Project X Parkview House, Thornbury  

A home previously bearing the name the ‘ugly duckling’ was transformed and lovingly re-named “Parkview House” after 8 months of hard work. 

The original plans were to renovate the circa 1950’s Art Deco home, however the owners and designer of this Thornbury, VIC home quickly discovered that the house was originally build with weatherboard. Adding to the drama, the facade was bricked over with an extremely questionable backyard extension, so the team pivoted and decided to work with an architect, an interior designer and a builder collaboratively, to design a new home which would look like it was never out of place!  

Owners worked alongside Elevate Building Group to complete this stunning transformation project; James Hardie Linear Cement Sheeting was used instead of timber for the weatherboard cladding, installing a Delos 3-stage Whole Home Water Filtration System that filters all water coming into the home, installing a Tesla Wall Car Charger, double glazing throughout with skylights through our bathrooms. Design was completed with the amazing work from Shaynna Blaze and Allie Harris, alongside Build Her Collective; an empowering online course for women about home renovating, design and styling! 

The use of lots of natural light in the hallway and open plan kitchen/living/dining area made it the perfect place to feature the Sculpt Fireplace Collection Seguin Axis i1000 Freestanding Single Sided fireplace. Axis fireplaces specialise in the manufacturing of designer wood fireplaces in a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes. 

Handmade in the Rhone Alps region of France, the Axis i1000FS Single Sided wood fireplace is a display of geometric versatility and artisan engineered construction. The wood fireplace exudes a mesmerising display of flames and unsurpassed design excellence. With a heating capacity of up to 300m2 and an average efficiency of 66%, this unit is sure to stun in any space! 

Fitted with industry leading innovation such as DAFS (Double Air Flow System), this technology works by injecting oxygen at a determined level inside of the combustion chamber. The supply of new oxygen will burn the gases and smoke that has not yet been burnt and prevent them from being released into the flu system. The additional self-washing glass system feature provides less CO2 emissions, creating longer fire term/burn time, cleaner glass and bricks and total combustion of the firewood. 

This project combines a seamless blend between stylish aesthetic and comfortable functionality, creating a family home providing light-filled sophistication, innovative finishes and thoughtful entertaining options. An exquisite project Woodpecker Heating and Cooling alongside, Sculpt Fireplace Collection were proud to be a part of.  

To view the stunning French handcrafted Axis i1000FS Single Sided Wood Fireplace, click here. 

Photography By: Space Craft 

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