Woodpecker, your one stop shop for your heating and cooling solutions

Why Woodpecker is your one stop shop for your heating and cooling solutions? If it is time to upgrade your heating and cooling systems, there is not better place than Woodpecker.

Why Woodpecker is your one stop shop for your heating and cooling solutions?

All your heating and cooling solutions in one place! With the COVID-19 outbreak and spending more time at home, we understand more and more people are looking at making improvements at home and one of them is to upgrade your cooling or heating systems, or finishing that outdoor pergola with an outdoor kitchen area.

Have you ever bought something from a shop and ended up dealing with different companies, trades, etc.? Whether you have or not, keep reading to understand why Woodpecker should be your choice for any cooling, heating and barbecue needs!

Understanding who the people behind a great business are, is an essential part of making a decision on which business will carry out your next project. Yes, there are many stores out there and it can be confusing to choose which team will work the hardest for YOU.  Your project may be lengthy with many tasks to be achieved along the way, that is when you need the right team, with the right knowledge to be by you and see your project through until the end.

Many components are needed to make a business great, structure and communication being amongst them, but there is one essential component that a business can not lack in order to succeed and that component is a strong team. Woodpecker has a large family of different individuals with different skills and knowledge. Individuals that have been in the industry for more than 20 years to individuals that have degrees in different areas and are putting those skills to work. We evolve from the knowledge each of us shares by teaching and helping each other succeed.

We have out team of plumbers. Our plumbers have the kind of experience and competence in installing all our products that is very hard to find. We are so confident in their work and that is why our customers get a guaranteed 6 years compliance certificate on installation works carried out by us. This confidence comes from not outsourcing our plumbers, instead allowing them to grow with us and the business. Woodpecker’s plumbers can also organise and oversee other trades such as plasterers, carpenters, or electricians if required. We are a one stop shop!

Woodpecker has two massive showrooms – one in Mornington and one in Oakleigh East – and all customers are guaranteed to find what they are looking for, whether that be wood heating, gas log heating, ducted heating & cooling, hydronic heating, reverse cycle split systems, you name it!

But it doesn’t stop there, we don’t just sell and install our products, we follow up, maintain and service our customers units for many years after. That kind of after service has given Woodpecker a well-known and respected name around the Mornington Peninsula, South Eastern and inner-city suburbs.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call or put through an enquiry. No matter how complex or big the job is, our team will work together and get it done.

Here at Woodpecker we have a saying, there is no problem, only a solution waiting to be found!