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1. Egg 2XL – 74cm grid diameter

2XL Big Green Egg – the pinnacle of grilling excellence and the ultimate cooking companion for those who demand the absolute best. 

2. 2XL Table Nest

The metal Table Nest, which provides air flow beneath the EGG, is now an optional component for all Big Green Egg tables. The Table Nest is also useful for custom tables and outdoor kitchens.

3. ConveEGGtor Basket – 2XL

The NEW Big Green Egg convEGGtor Basket for 2XL EGG is an easy to use dual-zone metal+ceramic convEGGtor for indirect cooking.

4. Baking Stone Half Moon 2XL 24″ 70cm

The Big Green Egg Pizza & Baking Stone is a versatile piece of cookware for baking a variety of recipes from pizzas to breads to desserts

5. 100% Natural Oak & Hickory Lump Charcoal 9kg

Big Green Egg painstakingly sources our natural charcoal to ensure that it contains no fillers, nitrates, chemicals, treated wood or petroleum products. Unlike briquettes, pure and natural Big Green Egg charcoal is premium carbonized wood with NO additives whatsoever.

6. Charcoal Starter Speedilight (1 pack only)

Our popular SpeediLight® All Natural Charcoal Starters come in boxes of 24 convenient squares. They light easily and are odorless and tasteless, with no chemical aromas or residue. Plus, they’re clean, safe and ready to use without the need for any lighter fluid – saving you money and providing a much better result!

7. Ash Tool with soft grip handle – XL / 2XL

The Ash Tool is the perfect utensil for removing the small amount of ash that collects at the bottom of the EGG. Using the bar at the end of the Ash Tool, you simply pull the ash out of the Stainless Steel Draft Door.

8. Grid Grippe

Easily and safely grips and lifts stainless cooking grids and grilling planks.

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