Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer

Summer is just around the corner and any day now we’ll all be switching on our air conditioner. But is your air conditioner ready for summer?

Summer is just around the corner and any day now we’ll all be switching on our air conditioner. But is your air conditioner ready for summer? We’re all getting our health and bodies ready for summer, but the most important thing to get ready is your air conditioner! And no, we do not mean just changing the batteries in the remote. To ensure your air conditioner is ready for the Aussie summer heat, you will need to have it serviced.

Before you do turn it on, ask yourself this, when was the last time I serviced my air conditioner?
If you had to pause, say uhhh or remembered it was over a year ago, then it’s time to service your air conditioner before the heat hits.

1. Boost indoor air quality

A clean and unblocked filter will ensure you and your family are only breathing in pure, filtered air with no dust, dirt or pollution. Regularly replacing or cleaning your filter will ensure normal airflow, optimal efficiently, and lower energy consumption by 5% – 15%.

2. Save on power and repair bills

Running a broken unit will require more power and as a result… higher bills! Repairs can be quite costly, however having routinely service will assist avoiding these excess repairs. If there are repairs that are required, fixing them as soon as it happens will prevent any permanent damage. A perfectly working unit, with regular services means your air conditioner performing at it’s peak and efficiently.

3. Maintain the efficiency and lengthen the lifespan of your air conditioner

Each year your air conditioner does not get serviced it will lose 5% of its overall efficiency. As the years go on and the efficiency drops, the air conditioner’s lifespan will also decreases because it’s unable to operate at optimal performance. Therefor it is vital to regularly service your air conditioner in order for it to run at optimal capacity and to prolong its lifespan for as long as possible.

4. Protect the environment

Operating an air conditioner without regularly servicing it not only hurts your wallet and air quality, but also the environment. When you service your air conditioner the technician will perform tests to locate any leaks (HFCs/man-made greenhouse gases). These leaks are very harmful to the environment as it will contribute to global warming.

5. Prevent the Foul smelling odours

If you don’t regularly service your heater and perform a chemical wash, it will result in a build-up of mould, bacteria, or other organism which will begin emitting foul smelling odours. Regular maintenance and servicing will avoid this and ensure you have nice, fresh, odourless air

Woodpecker recommends to perform annual services on your air conditioner. An ideal time to service your air conditioner is just before summer hits, as the unit has been idle all throughout winter. Beat the summer heat, before it beats you!

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