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Freestanding is a stand alone unit that is unattached or inserted into a wall. It requires clearances from other objects when heating.

Inbuilt masonry is a heater that is built into a brick masonry structure ie: a brick chimney

Inbuilt zero clearance this is an external box attached to a heating unit to minimise the clearance from a combustible surface ie: a building frame that is non masonry

Open fireplaces is a unit (or an constructed masonry box) that has no door to contain the fire.

Double sided is a heating unit with two sides to view or open to load. This come in the form of inbuilt or freestanding, as well as open or enclosed.

Outdoor fireplaces is an outdoor only unit that is predominantly used to create a focal point in outdoor entertainment or alfresco area.

Wood fire ovens is a heating/cooking appliance using wood as its fuel source