Refillable Butane Charcoal EGGniter

Product Description

Ignite lump charcoal in just minutes with the NEW Refillable Butane Charcoal EGGniter. This EGGcessory combines an adjustable torch flame with an air-blower to both ignite and boost your fire. Say goodbye to unwanted lighter fluid taste … the Butane EGGniter is a clean, quick and safe way to light your EGG, campfire or wood fireplace. The versatile Butane EGGniter can even be used as a cooking tool for caramelizing sugars, browning meringue, or melting cheese on French onion soup gratinee!

Refillable Butane Charcoal EGGgniter, Battery Powered – 120915

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Refillable Butane Charcoal EGGniter

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