Jonno and Sonja

Dear Amanda,

We are incredibly happy with our Woodpecker stove. Friends suggested that we go out to the showroom in Mornington because of the wide selection. We were very happy with the help we received in the showroom, and help finding out all of the technical specifications and considerations. We chose one with a “European” look to it, and ordered the fireplace that day. A short time later, the stove arrived. The team set it up quickly and efficiently. This winter, we have used the stove nearly every day. We are so happy with our stove! We sit in front of the fire, with the dogs curled up beside us and just -enjoy-! It is like being in a holiday home on the Great Ocean Road, only we ARE already home, at OUR home. Very very happy. Thanks Woodpecker! We have recommended you to all of our friends.

Johnno & Sonja