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Make Sure Your Wood Heater Is Installed Correctly

Wood heaters (especially in Victoria), have become an increasingly popular heating source.
With the boom of slow combustion wood heaters, so to has there been an increase in illegal and poorly executed wood heater installations.

Wood heaters have been warming peoples homes for centuries. The most common form are slow combustion heaters, which are more efficient and easier to operate. Most people spend weeks, sometimes even months choosing the right wood heater for their home. Sadly, when it comes to installing the unit however, it is common for people to choose the “cheapest price”. More often than not, this leads to incorrect and non-compliant wood heater installations. Make Sure Your Wood Heater Is Installed Correctly

The most common misconception we have found amongst most wood heater retailers is that a 3.6m flue kit is “standard” and is enough for the heater to comply. Don’t be caught out! All wood heater installations are regulated by Australian Standard AS/NZS2918 and must comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2918:2001. This stipulates that the minimum flue height must be 4.6m above the floor on which the wood heater is located. Therefore, unless the wood heater itself is over a 1000mm high, 3.6m of flue will make the installation of the wood heater non-compliant.


The standard also states that there must be a three meter clearance all the way around the cowl (end of the flue pipe). If the cowl is less than three meters away from any trees, windows, double storey walls, neighbours wall, etc, than the it must pass the object by a meter.

Not only is Standard AS/NZS 2918:2001 a legal requirement for installing wood heaters in Australia, but is also aids in the functionality of the fireplace by preventing expelled smoke coming back down the flue and into your home.

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