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Beating The Heat With Daikin

Beating The Heat With Daikin! Don't let your Daikin unit fail you during the warmer months, with expert servicing and installations provided!

Beating The Heat With Daikin

This summer, beating the heat is not the only concern in the minds of friends and family. As with everyone these days, health, happiness and comfortability throughout Summer is the number one focus. Beating The Heat With Daikin

As summer approaches, ensuring your 10-year-old Daikin unit is up to par should be at the forefront of your mind. Daikin is the only air conditioning company with the blue butterfly seal of approval from the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive choice program, this is a renowned program which focuses on products for your home which fight against creating an Asthma friendly home environment. Daikin’s products are specifically designed to reduce dust mites, pollens and allergen triggers, all whilst providing simple to use and technologically advanced home heating and cooling units.

Beating The Heat With Daikin - Woodpecker Heating, Cooling, Fireplaces and BBQ's

As the hot weather grows closer in the Summer lead up, it is best to ensure your home environment is safe and comfortable for your family and friends. Not only does this mean ensuring your Daikin unit is in a working condition, but that the unit is clean and won’t breakdown during the hotter months, this calls for expert servicing! Woodpecker’s fully licensed plumbing team is fast, efficient, reliable and competitive, providing an expert servicing and installations; whether your unit needs only a service, or a whole replacement! However servicing a Daikin unit is not enough, the Woodpecker team provide experienced maintenance and show you how to best operate and clean your unit!

Breathe better this Summer with a world leading Daikin system, packed with purification filters, directional airflow control, whisper quiet operation, multiple different operational features, high quality refrigerant and environmentally friendly energy saving settings!

Beating The Heat With Daikin - Woodpecker Heating, Cooling, Fireplaces and BBQ's
Woodpecker are experts in the design and installation of all air conditioning and can assist you in finding the right solution for you and your home.