Are You Summer Ready?

Whilst it is cold and gloomy outside before you know it the warmer summer months will be upon us. Are You Summer Ready? Keep your family comfortable this summer consider your cooling needs for the up and coming heat waves!

There are a variety of solutions available to keep your home cool this summer.

The first thing you need to establish is – Do you want to be cool or cold?

There are two main forms of cooling that you should consider;

1. Evaporative Cooling
2. Refrigerated Cooling

Evaporative cooling is a system that uses fresh air. The Evaporative cooling system is roof mounted and pulls fresh air from outside through chill cell pads that are mounted on each side of the unit. Water runs through these pads and as the air is pulled through these pads the Evaporative system turns fresh air into vapour with a drop in temperature by approx. 15C – This cool air is then delivered through a variety of ducts throughout your home.

Evaporative cooling is run by having your doors and windows open, pushing the hot air inside your home out through these areas and creating a pressure so the warm air outside cannot get back in.
Evaporative cooling is perfect if you don’t like the feel of refrigerated air or if you have kids – You won’t need to keep telling them to keep the doors closed when they run in and out from playing outside.

Refrigerated air is air that is recycled within in your home – Don’t worry, all of our refrigerated systems have filters and our premium Daikin systems are even accredited by the national athsma council. These systems will deliver crisp, cold air into your home through an indoor coil which is piped up to an external condensing unit.

Many of our refrigerated systems also come with “Reverse Cycle” functionality which will deliver cool or warm air. These systems are perfect if you are after a complete climate solution.

Again, our Woodpecker Consultants are experts in choosing the right system for your home – Give us a call or even bring your floor plans in and we will design a system based on your needs.



Either which way you decide to go both our refrigerated and evaporative cooling systems will ensure you don’t sweat through another hot summer and get that much needed sleep at night so you feel refreshed and ready to take on the next day!

A Woodpecker Consultant can help you with choosing the right unit – Just give us a call at Oakleigh East on 95588666 or Mornington on 59770899 to speak with one of our friendly consultants.

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