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Top tips to get your BBQ ready – Spring is here!

Spring has sprung and BBQ season has begun! Follow our top tips to get your BBQ ready for this season!

Top tips to get your BBQ ready

Spring has sprung and BBQ Season has begun! With some killer warm days on their way it’s the perfect excuse to clear out the cobwebs and dust off the old BBQ.

Summer isn’t just about the amazing sunny weather, beach days, outdoor parties and beach bonfires; it’s about the mouth-watering BBQ meals and weekend family cook-ups, but
you’ve got to make sure your BBQ is safe to use!

To properly prepare for the upcoming Summer cook ups, follow this simple guide to ensure your BBQ cook-outs run smoothly.


Remember to always clean your BBQ before you light it up, especially if you haven’t used it since last Summer! If your BBQ isn’t clean before you light it there is a higher chance of flare ups due to built up dust and cobwebs. This can be extremely dangerous and, in some cases, can start fires!


Always check for any breakages and cracks in the burners and seals! Melbourne seasons are always very confusing and temperamental, some days its 23º in the middle of Winter and other days it can get as low as 4º in Summer; because of these shifty weather changes, sometimes when our BBQ is just sitting in our backyard shed it can be exposed to changing temperatures, in some cases this can cause breakages in BBQ parts and seals. Before you fire it up, make sure everything looks 100%!


This is by far the most important rule because there are thousands of reported yearly incidents involving gas fires due to broken hoses and incorrect connections. Inspect your gas bottle connection before every BBQ use! It’s very simple to do, just follow these simple steps:

1. Before connecting the cylinder, inspect the hose, rubber seals and fittings (if there is any splitting or cracks, make sure to replace the hose instantly).

2. When connecting the cylinder to your gas bottle, make sure to tighten it with a spanner to ensure there is no room for leaks.

3. Simply test for any leaks:

• Turn the gas on at the cylinder without turning on the barbeque
• Brush soapy water on all the connections
• If bubbles appear, then there is a leak (a gas smell will also be present)
• If you are unsure of how to conduct this test, search for “Gas Connection Leak Test” on YouTube

4. Make sure there are no kinks or knots in the gas connection hose.

5. For better gas readings and to prevent any future gas leaks, fit a “Gas Fuse”.

6. Store your LPG gas bottle in a well-ventilated area (never store indoors)

7. Always keep your LPG gas bottle upright (never lay it on its side or upside down)

If there are any issues with your BBQ, make sure to talk to an expert; it might be time for an upgrade! There are so many different BBQ brands and products available in the market today, so it’s best to understand which one is perfect for you and Woodpecker can help you! See the BBQ range here or visit one of our stores today!