How to Choose the Perfect BBQ for This Summer

Find the perfect BBQ for this summer at Woodpecker! Introducing the new range Napoleon Grills and the Big Green Egg into our stores.


Looking for the perfect BBQ this summer? Want to show off your grill skills, but not sure which is the best BBQ to buy? Charcoal? Gas? Grill or Smoker? Woodpecker have got the inside scoop to help make your BBQ skills famous!


Woodpecker have partnered with Napoleon Grills and Big Green Egg Australia to bring you the perfect bbq for this Summer and the best grilling experience! If you’ve been looking for the perfect bbq to buy near Melbourne; or haven’t been sure where to even start with buying bbq grills, this guide is for you!


Napoleon is a family-owned company with over 30 years of passionate grilling experience. Napoleon’s reputation is one of prestige BBQs and quality materials.

Napoleon Grills have a massive range covering different grilling methods, gas, charcoal, inbuilt and portable BBQs. Each of their BBQ products are produced with high attention to detail, executing a highly refined finish at a very affordable price-point.

Napoleon’s affordable gas BBQ range uses high quality materials and high temperature burners to bring you the second hottest burning gas BBQ on the market. To prove this, Napoleon offers a 15-year limited warranty. This is backed up by 50% off all spare parts after the warranty expires. This really allows the brand’s range and performance to speak for itself.  The Napoleon BBQ’s reviews for 2019 show that this is a product range that outperforms many in the market.


Many people compare the Napoleon vs Weber BBQ when considering purchasing. So which bbq grill is the perfect for this summer?

Well, we think it’s all about the Rogue! Napoleon’s Rogue series range from two burners to four burners, allowing you to control each burner to your preferred cooking style. This includes the 365 line (with up to 37,000 BTU’s), 462 line (with up to 45,000 BTU’s), and the 525 line (with up to 57,000 BTU’s). Each product line has different model variations, allowing you to customize a BBQ to your style. Each Rogue series BBQ is produced with jetfire ignition which is proven to ignite individual burners every time without fault. It’s one of the best, affordable bbq grills on the market.


Using 16.9mj/h burners, the LEX range burns up to 106,500 BTU’s combined, retaining its heat through the use of high-quality double walled 304 Grade Stainless Steel. The LEX range is extensive through its line of products, from 4 burners to 7 burners. With Ceramic Infrared Sizzle Zone, Accu-Probe Temperature Gauge, inbuilt Ice Box, Range Side Burner, Stainless Steel Wave Cooking Grills and an exclusive Infrared Sizzle Zone which reaches a temperature from 0º to 1800º in 30 seconds. This function is the perfect way to sear and quickly grill and so much more.

Napoleon LEX 485


Thinking of opting for traditional charcoal grilling? Napoleon’s Charcoal range is engineered and designed to be weatherproof, allowing for its products to retain their structural integrity and durability through any weather. Each charcoal product is made with great attention and precision, to create a highly functional product. It’s one of the best BBQs you can buy in Australia today.

The Napoleon Kettle BBQ and Smoker product lines both use high quality stainless steel and black porcelain materials throughout their structures, using these materials to create a high quality yet affordable product line.

Each of Napoleon’s Charcoal kettles have a distinct style. Using four base legs for extra stability support, heat diffuser, dual stainless-steel base vents, built-in lid, rust-free air vent and a high capacity heavy steel ash catcher to reduce the amount of airflow in the BBQ. Each of these product features allow the BBQ to function at a high excellence, providing a perfect cooking experience with every use.


Looking for the best bbq grill and smoker combo? Napoleon’s Apollo Smoker series is comprised of three different sizes. Each designed with similar efficiency features such as the signature Accu-Probe temperature gauge, stainless steel vents to allow excellent temperature control, plated cooking grids and three stainless steel legs for stability. Each of these features are integral to create the efficient charcoal cooking experience that the Apollo Smoker offers.


Heard reports about the amazing Big Green Egg BBQ and wondering where you can find it in Australia? Look no further!

Founded by Ed Fisher, Big Green Egg opened its doors in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Through his company, Fisher introduced America to kamado style grills, creating a very large following for the product which eventually spilled into Canada, Europe and now Australia! In fact, the reputation of Big Green Egg BBQ in Australia is really heating up.

Big Green Egg has a massive following of avid fans, with a reputation as one of the best BBQs to buy. It has grown this hype through different sponsored and unsponsored events such as “EGGtoberfest”, “Niagra EGGfest” and “Big Green Egg Flavor Fair”. Big green Egg’s fan base is extremely large and is global and quite glamorous in nature, with celebrities such as Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex), David Beckham, Elizabeth Hurley and Jean Christophe Novelli showing strong support for the brand through their social media accounts.

The current generation of Big Green Egg BBQs is a combination of new technological engineering and the traditional Japanese & Chinese “kamado” style grill. The main component Big Green Egg has to thank for its success is the Mexican ceramics which were specially developed by NASA for their spacecraft. Big Green Egg use the highest-grade materials available; a truly top-of-the-line BBQ range.

Big Green Egg sizes

Big Green Egg currently produces seven different Egg products, each created with the same ancient tradition, modern technology and unmatched quality, distinctively recognisable by its unique green exterior. The product sizes range from the ‘mini EGG’ to the ‘2XL EGG’, with many other sizes in between, allowing the product to be tailored to its customers’ preferred cooking styles.

Looking for a high temperature BBQ? Big Green Egg products have unrivalled cooking properties, such as the ceramic firebox which allows the BBQ to reach temperatures of up to 1000º and last for a burn time of 18 hours! All of this combined created a master BBQ which is enjoyed all around the world.

Easy-Peasy, From Start to Finish

The Big Green Egg is simple to start, and ready in minutes! It uses the Big Green Egg-branded 100% Natural Lump Charcoal made in the USA and high-grade oak and chicory hardwoods for “quick lighting, superior performance and delicious results”. There are many different accessories available, such as the natural SpeediLight starter or the EGGniter, making the starting process much easier!

High Accuracy Temperature Control & Monitoring

All Big Green Egg products have the capabilities to cook in a huge array of styles. They are capable of baking, broiling, grilling, roasting, slow cooking, and smoking, making these grills universal in their abilities. The Eggs’ maintain their temperature through their efficient temperature control features, specifically through their patented air flow systems and the lid itself. Monitoring the grill temperature is as simple as can be with the highly-accurate inbuilt temperature gauge, providing precise readings of up to 750º, ready within minutes!

Put Safety First

Big Green Egg BBQs can get extremely hot due to their NASA-Graded Mexican Ceramic materials. However, all of their products are very safe to use thanks to the insulation of the ceramic firebox, which traps the heat inside the BBQ, allowing the exterior temperature of the grill to be cooler than metal grill BBQ’s! In fact, it’s one of the safest BBQs around.

How to Stay Looking Good

Wondering what is the best way to clean a bbq grill? Using a professional grade stainless steel cooking grid, a lifetime glaze on the distinctive green and a self-cleaning burn system in the ceramic firebox, all the Eggs are very easy to clean and keep their good looks for a lifetime, so there’s no need for any chemicals!

Celebrate a Highly Efficient BBQ System

All Big Green Egg products are developed using high quality patented features, like the highly-efficient ceramic thermal heating system the airflow system, the structurally supported framework which uses bolted steel legs to increase durability, and the lifetime glaze which provides an extremely polished look on every Egg, forever. All this certainly makes an Egg one of the best BBQs to buy on the market – as you can see from the best bbq grills reviews!

Be Reassured by a Lifetime Warranty

With uncompromising material quality, unrivalled thermal properties and unparalleled worldwide popularity, Big Green Egg BBQ’s offer a ‘Best-In-Class’ lifetime warranty guarantee, allowing the product to speak for itself through its high-class cooking performance.

So whether you’re looking for an affordable BBQ, a kamado style charcoal grill, a fantastically hot gas BBQ or an impressive smoker, Woodpecker have the perfect BBQ for this summer! Visit us in Mornington or Oakleigh East or give us a call for a chat.